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What is the structure of a battery sprayer?

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What is the structure of a battery sprayer?

Battery sprayers have unique advantages. So what is the structure of a battery sprayer? What is the working principle of battery sprayer?

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  • What is the structure of a battery sprayer?

  • What is the working principle of the battery sprayer?

What is the structure of a battery sprayer?

Battery sprayer, from the storage barrel through the screen, coupling head, suction (small electric pump), connecting pipe, nozzle, nozzle in turn connected to connect the composition, suction is a small electric pump, it is electrically connected to the switch and battery electric, battery box installed in the bottom of the storage barrel, the storage barrel can be made with a sunken battery groove.

What is the working principle of the battery sprayer?

Fog is actually micro-droplets of water. There are four types of sprayers available.

The first one uses Bernoulli's principle. Bernoulli's principle says that in the same fluid mass, the flow rate is high and the pressure is low; the flow rate is low and the pressure is high. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the trigeminal tube, the low-speed flow of water flows towards the high-speed flow of air. The water is torn into small drops by the high-speed air (imagine the water coming out of the faucet, at first the speed is slow, it is a column of water; but then the speed gradually increases and then it becomes a drop by drop). These small drops of water sprayed out into a fog.

The second is used to press the water into the thin tube caused by high-speed water flow, high-speed water flow encountered obstacles cracked into small droplets. The situation is like carrying a large faucet after plugging with your finger. Household sprayers mostly use this structure, low cost.

The third is to let the water with an electric charge (water is a dielectric), the use of the same charge repel each other to divide the water into micro-droplets. This method of water droplet particles are very small. The same principle is also used to paint cars.

The fourth type is ultrasonic atomization. Vibration can cause "waves" on the water surface, ultrasonic vibration frequency is very high, so its "wave" wavelength is very small, so its "wave" --Small droplets of water are also small, and these small droplets become fog. The throat sprayers used in hospitals to treat respiratory diseases use ultrasonic nebulization.

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