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What are battery sprayers used for?

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What are battery sprayers used for?

The battery sprayer is one of the commonly used production equipment. Battery sprayer can effectively spray liquid, improve drug utilization and increase operational efficiency. So what is the structural role of a battery sprayer? What are the uses of a battery sprayer?

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  • What is the structural role of the battery sprayer?

  • What are the uses of battery sprayer?

What is the structural role of the battery sprayer?

1. Nozzle. Also called nozzle, there are single nozzle, double nozzle and four-eye nozzle three, single nozzle spraying fog group larger, fog beads small, can be used for a small range of spraying; double nozzle spraying fog group larger, fog beads very fine, suitable for a wide range of spraying; four-eye nozzle adjustable elastic, suitable for tall trees or fruit trees for spraying operations.

2. Barrel body. The barrel body is the container for the liquid and water, and there is a filter at the mouth and bottom of the barrel, and the spray barrel can be fixed on one side.

3. Spray bar. Used to extend the spraying distance, there is a handle switch to control the spraying operation.

4. The base. The base is located in the lower part of the barrel, is used to fix the battery and the pump, in its side is also equipped with a power switch.

5. The battery. The battery is used to provide power for the sprayer, there are mainly 12V/12Ah, 12V/8Ah two specifications.

6. Water pump. The water pump generates a strong pressure difference by running at high speed to draw water in from the inlet pipe and spray it out from the outlet pipe, forming a high-speed water flow to complete the spraying operation.

What are the uses of battery sprayer?

First of all, the battery sprayer uses of is insecticide spraying. During the growth of rice, wheat, corn, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and other plants, the battery sprayer can be loaded with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals to protect their safe growth. Secondly, the battery sprayer is used to spray water and humidify. When the weather is dry, the battery sprayer can be filled with water for spraying to meet the water needs of growing plants. Finally, battery sprayer can also be used for disinfection spraying. Disinfection spraying in special areas such as hospitals, workshops, and public places can effectively prevent the spread of viruses. In short, battery sprayers can be used for a variety of flowing liquid spraying operations.

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