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What is a battery sprayer?
Farmguard battery powered sprayer can balance the carrying weight distribution with the waist protection system.
It will be more comfortable in using with new designed handle and backrest.
Large diameter water injection port and self-storage space structure are also very popular among target markets.

Tank capacity is available in 16 Liter, 18 Liter and 20 Liter for your choice.

You can use the battery sprayer with 12V8AH, 9AH, 10AH, 12AH, 14AH, 16AH battery. Different battery, using time will be different.
Battery sprayer
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Applications of Battery Sprayer
Is A Battery Powered Sprayer Worth It?
Battery sprayer is simple to operate and with good atomization.You don't need to add the pressure by labour, so it's very time-saving and labour saving. When you turn on the power switch, it can start spraying,while turning off, it will stop working.
Battery sprayers will be more convenient to carry and can use for long time after charging full.Different battery capacity can meet your different demand. Lithium battery sprayer and lead-acid battery sprayers are all available for you to choose.
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Battery Sprayer
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  • How should I keep the battery sprayer?

    After using, you should clean it with clear water. You also need to charge it full after using.
  • How long does the battery can be charged full?

    Around 10 hours.
  • How long can be used after charging full?

    Wtih 3.1L motor,12v8ah battery can be used for around 4-5 hours after charging full.
    12V12ah battery can be used for around 6-7 hours after charging full.
    We have 1 year for guarantee.
  • How many times does the battery can work.

    12V8ah battery can use for around 500 times.
  • What's the material of the battery sprayer?

    PP or PE.

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