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How do I use a battery sprayer?

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How do I use a battery sprayer?

A battery sprayer is one of the effective long-term devices. So how do you use a battery sprayer? What are the special requirements for using a battery sprayer?


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  • How do use a battery sprayer?

  • What are the special requirements for using battery sprayer?

How to use the battery sprayer?

1. Carefully read and understand the mechanical instructions, master the structure and performance, follow the operating procedures.  

2. Charging: first plug the DC end into the sprayer power socket, after the sprayer charger AC end into the 220V power supply can be charged, the charger red light indicates charging, the green light indicates that the charging has been completed, you can turn on the use.  

3. Spraying operation: according to the operational requirements, installed with a straight or curved spray nozzle, first with water to mix a good liquid through the filter into the storage tank, when using the liquid switch, then open the power switch, that is, to start spraying operations; end of the spraying operation, should first turn off the power switch, then turn off the liquid switch to avoid damage to electrical components.  

4. After work, should promptly pour out the residual liquid in the barrel, and wash and dry with water.  

5. After use, please charge the maintenance in time to prevent damage to the battery life.  

6. Poor spray atomization can be considered with a cloth to clear the water inlet ball valve dirt or replace the new leather bowl and then or replace the seal.  

7. Electric sprayer in a period of time when the maintenance is not used is also quite important, in general, one to two months to charge and discharge once, rather than charging once, you must first put water in the electric sprayer to let it work until it runs out of power, and then charge, so that the battery can make the service life of more long.  

8. When the battery power storage problems, should be taken to the professional repair office for battery repair.


What are the special requirements for using battery sprayer?

1. It is best to use a single nozzle. The pressure of the electric sprayer is high, and the amount of liquid sprayed is also a little larger than the traditional hand pressure sprayer. This also means that the same 15-liter volume of the spray can, the electric sprayer's operating area is smaller than the traditional hand-pressure sprayer. Moreover, many farmers prefer to use double spray nozzles, which consumes more liquid and increases the cost, especially for weed control. The use of a single nozzle can minimize the consumption of pharmaceuticals.

2. The liquid should be filtered. The pressure of the electric sprayer is high, the atomization of the nozzle is also better, and the nozzle is more likely to be clogged and affect the application effect. In particular, many farmers prepare pharmaceutical water is the water in the ditch near the cultivated land, which has a lot of suspended soil particles, easy to clog the nozzle. It is advisable to have 1-2 layers of gauze, gauze and other small aperture fabrics and stockings for filtering when pouring chemicals into the spray bottle to reduce the risk of clogging the nozzle.


Proper use of battery sprayers is an effective way to ensure safety and extend the life of the equipment. In the company's more than 20 years of sprayer development process, we always ensure that "quality first, customer first" corporate goal, depending on quality as the foundation of the enterprise, depending on the customer as the root of the enterprise, adhere to the production of excellent products, adhere to the development of friendly relations. If you have a need to buy sprayers, please go to our official website: for understanding and consultation. Thank you very much for your support.




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