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How to install electric sprayer?

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How to install electric sprayer?

Electric sprayers need to be installed before they can be used. So, how do you install an electric sprayer? What are the installation requirements for an electric sprayer?


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  • How do I install an electric sprayer?

  • What are the installation requirements for an electric sprayer?


How do I install an electric sprayer?

Generally speaking, there will be installation instructions to refer to when installing an electric sprayer, and you can also learn how to install an electric sprayer by watching a web-based installation video. If there is something unclear that you do not understand, you can consult with the seller. The following is the production of the electric sprayer installation method.

1. Wear in method

Wearing the wire of the steel pipe should be buried before pouring concrete, connecting the electric sprayer end of the steel pipe mouth not less than about 100mm above the ground, and use the snake tube (with) or soft bamboo to reach people inside the junction box. When laying an electric sprayer power line with steel pipe, three power lines of one electric sprayer are required to wear this one steel pipe at the same time, and to do zero or grounding treatment for this steel pipe with wire. First of all, the electric sprayer four power lines (three-phase four-wire) through the tender resistance performance of the plastic tube, and then from the power switch under the bright lay to the electric sprayer junction box.

2. Installation method of belt drive

Electric sprayer of two pulley diameter size should be used in accordance with the requirements of the transmission of spraying equipment, the transmission ratio should meet the requirements. The centerline of the width of the two pulleys should be in a straight line. The two axes must be parallel in the installation, otherwise the conveyor belt will be damaged. Make electric sprayer vibration, serious will burn electric sprayer winding, if it is flat belt, electric sprayer in the operation process may cause off-belt accident.

Electric sprayer belt drive correction. If two pulleys are of equal width, a string can be stretched tightly and held close to the end surfaces of the two pulleys, if the string evenly touches a circumference of four points, it means that the pulley is corrected, otherwise it should be adjusted so that the two pulleys are corrected within the correct range before the electric sprayer can be used.

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What are the installation requirements of the electric sprayer?

The installation requirements for an electric sprayer are neat, correct, safe, and durable. Only use a rigorous installation for safe use. Be sure to fully understand the installation and use of battery sprayers, and never install them at random to avoid accidents.


Correct installation of the electric sprayer is a prerequisite for the use of the electric sprayer. In the company's more than 20 years of sprayer development process, we always ensure that "quality first, customer first" corporate goal, depending on the quality of the enterprise, depending on the customer as the root of the enterprise, adhere to the production of excellent products, adhere to the development of friendly relations. If you have a need to buy sprayers, please go to our official website: for understanding and consultation. Thank you very much for your support.



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