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How to clean the sprayer?

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How to clean the sprayer?

As we all known, when using different pesticides, we need to clean the sprayer. When you forget cleaning the sprayer and use other crop’s pesticide, it will be easy to bring the drug damage.

How to clean the sprayer? The answer is with water. Yeah, you can use the water to clean it several times. The way is same as you spraying the pesticide. Pour the water into tank and connect the switch and lance, spraying several tanks of water. It’s very easy to operate and also a very important step after spraying the pesticide.

Some guys may feel that using water cannot clean the sprayer tank thoroughly. Then what should we do? We can add some soap or washing powder into the tank. Most pesticides are acidic. When you put alkaline substance in, it will have a neutralization reaction. Toxicity will reduced. When you use the sprayer next time, it won’t be affected by the pesticides you used before.

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