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Why do you need an automatic sprayer?

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Why do you need an automatic sprayer?

With the rise of agricultural automation, the demand for automatic knapsack sprayers will increase in the future. While the market demand for ordinary sprayers declines, the demand for automatic knapsack sprayers continues to increase. Due to the country's strong support for the rural economy, the demand for various materials and appliances in agriculture may increase in the future. Not only that, but the automatic knapsack sprayer is also a must-have item for people in farming. The automatic knapsack sprayer has many advantages. The following is a detailed introduction to why an automatic knapsack sprayer is needed.


Here is the content list:

  • High degree of automation

  • Shorten the spray cycle

  • Improve spray accuracy

  • Promote the development of agricultural modernization


A high degree of automation

With the popularization of technologies such as the Internet, big data, and cloud platforms, rural planting environment control has gradually realized intelligent and networked management. Many places have applied environmental intelligent control systems to modern agricultural production. According to the needs of different environments in the growth stage of crops, the Internet of things technology can be used to multi-dimensionally control environmental factors including temperature, light, air, humidity, and chemical fertilizers, and combine them. Remote sensing technology, management expert system, geographic information system and other high-tech information management of crops in the process of transplanting, growing, harvesting, packaging, storage and transportation, self-inspection and self-control, and other high-tech information and images have realized a high degree of automation in crop production. Therefore, to cooperate with modern agricultural production, many people use automatic knapsack sprayers, which can improve spraying efficiency and have a high degree of automation.


Shorten the spray cycle

The automatic knapsack sprayer can shorten the spray cycle of crops, can run continuously, and can greatly reduce the spraying cost under the condition of mass spraying. Not only that, but the automatic knapsack sprayer can also reduce the burden on laborers and reduce labor costs.


Improve spray accuracy

The automatic knapsack sprayer adopts an automated method and adopts various high-precision guidance, positioning, adjustment, detection, and other systems or components, which can ensure the high precision of spraying and reduce the waste and pollution in the spraying process. 


automatic knapsack sprayer

automatic knapsack sprayer

Promote the development of agricultural modernization

Knapsack sprayers can effectively combine facility agricultural production with renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) production to develop a structure suitable for agricultural spraying. Low-cost, miniaturized, stable, and reliable sprayers and intelligent decision-making production management platforms can promote the further optimization and upgrading of facility agriculture technology to meet the needs of crop production. The automatic knapsack sprayer can meet the best production environment and the purpose of high-yield, high-quality, high-efficiency, safety, and annual production, realize intensification, commercialization, and industrialization, and then effectively promote the process of agricultural modernization.


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