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How to understand backpack battery sprayer?

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How to understand backpack battery sprayer?

Backpack battery sprayer is one of the commonly used battery sprayer. So what are the features of backpack battery sprayer? What is the unique design of the backpack battery sprayer?


Here is the content list:

  • What are the features of the backpack battery sprayer?

  • What is the unique design of the backpack battery sprayer?


What are the features of the backpack battery sprayer?

In general, the backpack battery sprayer is highly liquid-saving, good spraying effect, high efficiency, a bucket of liquid (32 pounds) can be sprayed in as little as 8 minutes; and there is no noise pollution and exhaust emissions. Use a day charge a night only 0.2 yuan electricity, is a very, environmental protection, energy saving, and with intelligent "backpack electric sprayer". Specifically, the backpack battery sprayer has the following characteristics.

①The product is operated by a single person, strong spraying, good atomization effect.

②The product has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, intelligence, medicine saving and high efficiency.

Environmental protection: no exhaust gas emission and noise pollution.

Energy-saving: use a day, charge a night, electricity consumption of less than 0.2 yuan. (Gasoline engine consumes about two dozen yuan of oil).

Intelligent: as long as you turn off the operating switch on the handle, the pressure control switch on the machine will automatically turn off, open the switch on the handle the machine will automatically run, control freely, want to spray on the spray.

Save medicine: save 20﹪-40﹪ compared with gasoline sprayer.

High efficiency: 4-5 times more efficient than manual sprayer.

③Adjustable pressure: 3WD-16A has a special pressure adjusting twist to facilitate the spraying requirements for different crops.


What is the unique design of the backpack battery sprayer?

Compared to handheld electric sprayers, the unique design of the backpack battery sprayer is the backrest design and the shoulder strap design. The backrest design is related to the comfort of carrying the battery sprayer. The design of the backrest is very important because of the need to carry the battery sprayer for a long time. The upright backrest design will compress the human back body, so the backrest design with appropriate bending to fit the human back is in line with the human body structure, is also more comfortable. Some small massage design can also be applied to the backrest design to improve the use of the effect. Shoulder belt design is complementary to the backrest design. Adjustable, wide, thick and light shoulder straps are popular.


The backpack battery sprayer has a unique design and is one of the most common devices used in everyday productive life. During the development of our sprayer for more than 20 years, we always ensure the corporate goal of "quality first, customer first", regard quality as the foundation of the company, regard customers as the root of the company, insist on producing excellent products, and insist on developing friendly cooperation relationship. If you have a need to buy sprayers, please go to our official website: for understanding and consultation. Thank you very much for your support.

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