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How to maintain the knapsack sprayer?

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How to maintain the knapsack sprayer?

How to maintain a knapsack sprayer

Knapsack sprayer is an important plant protection equipment for farmers in rural areas, especially mountain farmers because of its simple structure, convenient use, and low cost. Knapsack sprayers are widely used in the prevention and control of crops such as cotton, grain, fruit trees, vegetables, and tobacco. However, many users often lack the correct maintenance and repair techniques, resulting in many inconveniences in actual operation. Now let us introduce the common failures and maintenance methods of knapsack sprayers.


Here is the content list:

  • Leaking switch

  • Switch rotation is not flexible

  • Can't get air

  • Bad fogging

  • Water is coming from the top of the pressure cap

  • Leaking water cover


Leaking switch

The switch gasket of the knapsack sprayer or the switch asbestos thread wear will cause the switch to leak. Replace the gasket or asbestos thread with a new one.


Switch rotation is not flexible

If the knapsack sprayer is left unused for a long time, the switch will become muddy due to the liquid medicine, making the switch inflexible. The switch can be disassembled and put in kerosene for cleaning, to wipe off the rust, apply a proper amount of lubricating oil to install it, and then tighten the switch cap.


Can't get air

The air chamber of the knapsack sprayer can't get into the air, and the rocker can't press down hard. It is caused by the shrinkage, hardening, or cracking of the leather bowl or the loosening of the nut at the bottom of the leather bowl. The leather bowl should be opened slightly or replaced with a new leather bowl, immersed in animal oil, lubricated and expanded, then installed, coated with a little oil, and tighten the bottom nut.


Bad fogging

Knapsack sprayer produces poor fog, and the fog is not cone-shaped. It may be caused by the clogging of the nozzle hole, the clogging of the filter in the casing, or the blocking of the water inlet and outlet ball valves by dirt. The spray hole should be dredged, and the debris should be removed; if the sleeve is blocked, the sleeve should be disassembled to clean the filter screen, check the ball valve, and remove the dirt.


Water is coming from the top of the pressure cap

The air chamber plug rod of the knapsack sprayer rises automatically, and water is emitted from the top of the gland. It is caused by cracks and desoldering on the gas wall or the bottom of the gas chamber, or the glass ball in the valve shell is blocked by debris, and the valve body cannot be tightly sealed or the cup is damaged. When repairing, use soldering to repair cracks, remove debris from the valve body, and replace the cup.


Leaking water cover

The air chamber gland is leaking or the water filling cover is leaking. The reason is that the leather gasket of the knapsack sprayer is damaged or the flange is disconnected from the air chamber. Should replace the gasket or soldering de-soldering place.


The above are the common failures and maintenance methods of the knapsack sprayer. Understanding these will help to better use the knapsack sprayer.


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