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How to improve the service life of battery-powered knapsack sprayer

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How to improve the service life of battery-powered knapsack sprayer

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the farming industry in rural areas, the use of battery-powered knapsack sprayers has gradually increased. However, due to improper use, more damage was caused. To improve the service life of the machine, reduce the agricultural cost, and solve the use and maintenance technology, the following is hereby introduced.


Here is the content list:

  • Check the whole machine before use

  • Regular maintenance and maintenance


Check the whole machine before use

1. The battery needs to be fully charged

The battery of the battery-powered knapsack sprayers needs to be charged for 10 to 11 hours for the first charge; after use, the battery will be charged again, and the indicator light will turn from red to green. The charging is completed, but the battery is insufficient, and it needs to be charged for about 1 hour to be fully charged.

2. The components must be installed firmly

Check whether the strap, battery pack, liquid pump assembly, and base of the battery-powered knapsack sprayer are firmly fixed.

3. Wire connection must be safe

Check whether the wires from the battery, the motor to the start switch are damaged or have poor contact; the wires cannot be loosely contacted, and the power supply should be connected with leakage and short-circuit protection to ensure personal safety.

4. No debris in the medicine box and nozzle

Check whether the battery-powered knapsack sprayer's chemical tank, spray gun, and the nozzle is blocked by foreign objects.

5. Leaking connection

Check if there is water leakage in the filling port cap, hose, and spray gun. If there is water leakage, add the sealing rubber gasket and tighten the nut to start working normally.


Regular maintenance and maintenance

1. Regularly charged

The battery-powered knapsack sprayer must be fully charged after each use. The new or old machine is left unused, and it is fully charged; after 2 months of use, fully charge it again, to extend the service life of the battery.

2. Keep the inside and outside of the machine clean

Use a battery-powered knapsack sprayer to kill and disinfect. Most pesticides and disinfectants are corrosive chemicals, which are easy to damage mechanical parts, rubber, and plastic seals. Therefore, at the end of each shift, be sure to use clean water pumps multiple times to clean Residual liquid and foreign matter in the pump, spray gun, and hose. Wash the outside of the pump with clean water to effectively extend the service life of the battery-powered knapsack sprayer.


The battery-powered knapsack sprayer has the advantages of small size, lightweight, moderate pressure, low power consumption, good atomization, convenient use, and high work efficiency. It is suitable for spraying crops, fruit trees, breeding farms, environmental sanitation, and disinfection, etc.


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