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How to clean the knapsack sprayer?

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How to clean the knapsack sprayer?

In the actual spraying process, when using different pesticides, it is necessary to clean the tools containing the pesticides. Everyone knows this. For example, if you play a bucket of herbicide, forget to clean it, and then use pesticides for other crops, it is easy to cause phytotoxicity. But many people use knapsack sprayers but don't know how to clean the sprayers. Now let us introduce in detail how to clean the knapsack sprayer, hoping to help everyone.


Here is the content list:

  • Different cleaning methods

  • Acid-base neutralization

  • The water pipe goes in for cleaning

  • Disassemble all parts


Different cleaning methods

First of all, the knapsack sprayers that have been sprayed with herbicides can be cleaned with muddy mud water first, and then the mud can be washed off with clean water, and then it can be used. However, we also need to know that different types of herbicides require different cleaning methods. There are generally three types of herbicides currently on the market: water, suspension, and emulsion. So we have to decide how to use it according to the type you use. Go clean the knapsack sprayers. But the principle is the same, that is, use clean water or add a little cleaning agent, and shake up and down to wash away the pesticide residues in the knapsack sprayers.


Acid-base neutralization

Because most pesticides are acidic, we can use the principle of acid-base neutralization and put some alkaline things on it, which can also have a very good cleaning effect on the knapsack sprayer. For example, put some edible alkali, which is what we often call baking soda. However, if a special herbicide is used, it is recommended to wash it with detergent. Clean water cleaning can achieve the effect of removing residues, but for herbicides such as paraquat or glyphosate, we can also use washing powder to clean them, and when configuring glyphosate solution, we must use soft water, or very clean water, to protect weeding efficacy. Therefore, knapsack sprayers that have used glyphosate can clean residual glyphosate with turbid muddy water.


The water pipe goes in for cleaning

However, we also need to know that all herbicides have to reach a certain concentration before they can be effective. It is not that a small number of ingredients will cause phytotoxicity. If the medicine barrel of the knapsack sprayer is large, you can pump in clean water with a water pipe, and then use a mop or other things that can be inserted into it to clean it, and just wash it several times.


Disassemble all parts

In addition, there is a more troublesome method, which is to disassemble all the parts of the knapsack sprayer, place them in the knapsack sprayer where the herbicide is installed, plug all the holes in the sprayer, and then add about 50 degrees alkaline water to wash, and then rinse with clean water, although it is troublesome, the cleaning effect is very good.


In short, there is a principle to keep in mind when cleaning knapsack sprayers, which is to use alkaline substances for cleaning like herbicides, such as laundry, baking soda, ash, etc.; while insecticides are generally cleaned with acidic substances. Finally, I want to remind everyone that it is best to pour the water from the knapsack sprayer into the sewer, not into the vegetable field or the field, to avoid soil pollution.


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