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How to choose a sprayer when buying?

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How to choose a sprayer when buying?

All kinds of sprayers are piled up in the market, and there are many kinds of types, and even the prices are very different. When buying a sprayer, dealers and farmers are entangled in which sprayer is better, and which one is better to buy? Those who buy expensive are afraid of losing money, those who buy cheap are afraid of no effect, and those who buy moderate prices do not know whether they are true or false. Below, we will introduce in detail how to choose a sprayer when buying.


Here is the content list:

  • Factors that determine the price of a sprayer

  • Comparison of sprayers of different qualities

  • Compare charging time


Factors that determine the price of a sprayer

The main core components of the electric sprayer are the medicine box, battery, water pump, and governor. Electric sprayers with the same ratio have little difference in cost. A good electric sprayer has strict quality management, higher production cost, and better use effect. If the price of the sprayer with the same ratio is very different, it can only show that the content of the core components of the cheap electric sprayer is not enough. At present, due to the difficulty of supervision, many small manufacturers do have insufficient ratios. Some sprayer manufacturers use unqualified core components to shoddy, and the price difference will come out.


The appearance of electric sprayers from some small manufacturers is similar, and the prices of large manufacturers of good sprayers are different. This is because many people only compare their appearances, but they don't know that the core components are the most inferior, and the post-repair rate is extremely high. Many small manufacturers have finished the surface; while professional manufacturers use high-cost various core components, although the cost is high, it can meet the needs of dealers and customers for product quality.


Comparison of sprayers of different qualities

Cheap sprayers are effective on the same day, and the battery life will be significantly reduced after 45 days. It must be charged once in the middle 2 months, which is very troublesome and can hardly be used in the second year; after 45 days, the water pump starts to show insufficient pressure and no water can be discharged; the charger will be damaged individually after 50 days of use. Quality takes time to reflect. The core components of a good sprayer can be guaranteed not to be damaged within 24 months. Once the core components are damaged, after-sales service can be provided.


Compare charging time

The price of a sprayer should not be measured solely by the price of a sprayer but should be measured by the time it takes to spray the medicine with one charge. The cheap sprayer sprays 8-15 buckets of water. Brand sprayers are guaranteed to spray at least 25 barrels of water, which is a good sprayer that saves money. If you have used a low-quality sprayer, change the sprayer immediately, and the effect is comparable to the original one. After using the sprayer for three consecutive years, even if it is not charged for half a year, the spraying time will not be short.


It is best to buy a branded sprayer, the quality is guaranteed. Moreover, technical services can be obtained through local dealerships, which benefits buyers.


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