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What do I need to pay attention to when buying a battery sprayer?

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What do I need to pay attention to when buying a battery sprayer?

Before buying a battery sprayer you need to carefully understand the product qualification standards. So, what do you need to pay attention to when buying a battery sprayer? How to solve the purchase problems that arise?

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l What do you need to pay attention to when buying battery sprayer?

l How to solve the purchase problem?

What do you need to pay attention to when buying battery sprayer?

1. Look at the logo

①Check the product's trademark, factory name, factory address, certificate of conformity mark is complete.

②From the product packaging, the whole machine packaging should be solid and reliable; packaging box should be marked on the product implementation of the standard code, random documents including product manuals, three packages of certificates, product certification should be complete.

③Check whether there is a 3C logo, the sprayer industry regular enterprises have passed the 3C mandatory certification, there should be a CCC mark in a prominent position in the product.

2.Look at the appearance

①Look at the appearance of plastic parts: the plastic parts of the sprayer if the use of recycled materials or poor quality materials to do spare parts, often cloudy color, while the new material production of plastic parts are generally bright color, with a certain degree of transparency.

②Look at the processing quality of the whole machine and spare parts: poor quality sprayer products process is relatively rough, plastic parts plasticized unevenly; hose mainly depends on the material, there is an internal pressure layer of rubber hose quality is generally better; good liquid box generally has a thick and uniform characteristics;.

③Look at the quality of assembly: moving parts should be flexible in operation, there should be no jamming, bumping and other phenomena; non-moving parts should not have obvious deformation, bending and other phenomena after assembly; fasteners should be solid and reliable; welding parts should be solid.

3. Simple test

①Weighing: good quality sprayers are generally thicker and heavier in quality.

②For FRP spray bar, grab both ends of the spray bar with both hands and twist in both directions, good spray bar generally will not break.

③Filled with water to test: sprayer spray should be continuous and uniform, the parts and connections shall not have leakage; at the same time can be filled with water in the liquid box in all directions tilted about 45 °, observe the tank cover joint has no leakage; in addition, you can also ask the business will be filled with water tank from a height of about 1 meter drop to the ground to see the liquid box has no leakage rupture.

How to solve the purchase problem?

On the one hand, the problem found in time to contact the seller, the first time to consult and understand. If there is a problem with the installation and use or the transportation of the product, it can be solved by contacting customer service. On the other hand, check whether there is quality assurance. Products with quality assurance can be solved by consulting the seller. A good seller will help solve all the reasonable needs of the customer.

Having a certain knowledge of purchase considerations can facilitate a smooth transaction between the buyer and seller. During the development of our sprayer for more than 20 years, we always ensure the corporate goal of "quality first, customer first", regard quality as the foundation of the enterprise, regard customers as the root of the enterprise, insist on producing excellent products and insist on developing friendly cooperation. If you have a need to buy sprayers, please go to our official website: for understanding and consultation. Thank you very much for your support.

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