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What are the types of nozzles for hand sprayers?

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What are the types of nozzles for hand sprayers?

The hand sprayer can effectively eliminate the disadvantages of pesticide external filtration and harm the operator. It not only saves effort but also has a large spraying distance and range. The nozzle is the most important part of the hand sprayer. The nozzle is divided into three types: cone mold nozzle, fan-shaped mist nozzle, and other nozzles. Although there are many types of hand sprayers, their spraying parts are universal. They all accept the liquid medicine sent from the liquid pump and spray it on the plants in the form of droplets after atomization. The hand sprayer is composed of a nozzle, hose, casing, switch, and nozzle.

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l The main role

l Cone mist nozzle

l Fan-shaped fog nozzle

l Other nozzles

The main role

The nozzle is the most important part of the spraying machine. During the spraying process, its main functions are: determining the spray shape (such as fan-shaped fog or hollow cone fog); atomizing the liquid medicine into droplets. The nozzle has a decisive influence on the spray quality. The nozzle is generally composed of 4 parts: filter screen, nozzle cap, nozzle body, and nozzle (spray). Different nozzles have their scope of application. Most hand sprayers are equipped with tangential centrifugal vortex core sprinklers, which are commonly referred to as hollow cone mist sprinklers. Some new hand sprayers are equipped with fan-shaped mist sprinklers to facilitate the use of herbicides.

Cone mist nozzle

The cone spray nozzle of the hand sprayer uses the centrifugal force of the liquid vortex to atomize the liquid, and it is currently the most widely used nozzle on the hand sprayer. Its specific working process varies depending on the structure, but the basic principle is to make the liquid medicine rotate around the axis of the hole in the nozzle. After the liquid medicine is sprayed, the centripetal force does not exist. At this time, the liquid medicine particles are subjected to the centrifugal force of the rotation and scatter in all directions along straight lines. These straight lines are tangent to their original trajectory, that is, tangent to a conical surface. The center of the cone coincides with the axis of the nozzle hole, and the hand sprayer uses the centrifugal force of this vortex to atomize the liquid medicine.

Fan-shaped fog nozzle

With the widespread use of herbicides, fan-shaped spray nozzles have been widely used in hand sprayers at home and abroad. Such nozzles are generally made of materials such as brass, stainless steel, plastic, or ceramics. According to the nozzle type, it can be divided into slit nozzle and impact nozzle. The atomization principle of the slit nozzle is that when the pressure liquid enters the nozzle, it is ejected from the elliptical nozzle hole, and is squeezed by the groove surface to expand into a flat liquid film. Under the action of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the nozzle, the liquid thin film diffusion, torn into filamentous, and finally break into droplets at the same time, sprayed onto the crops.

Other nozzles

To prevent pesticide pollution from causing phytotoxicity to neighboring crops, a variety of sprayer nozzles that can prevent pesticides from drifting have been developed. The characteristic of this type of nozzle is that a small hole is opened at the liquid inlet of the nozzle to suck in air.

There are many types of nozzles for hand sprayers, just select the appropriate one.

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