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What are the types of knapsack sprayers?

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What are the types of knapsack sprayers?

Knapsack sprayers are widely used in the agricultural field and are indispensable and important agricultural tools. Its principle is to use air suction to turn potions or other liquids into mist and spray them evenly on other objects. The following is a detailed introduction to the four different types of knapsack sprayers currently on the market and their advantages and disadvantages.

Here is the content list:

l Hand-operated knapsack sprayer

l High-pressure automatic knapsack sprayer

l Electric sprayer

l Motorized sprayer

Hand-operated knapsack sprayer

This kind of sprayer is the most primitive knapsack sprayer. It used to be the most widely used sprayer, but now it is gradually withdrawing from the market. Its advantage lies in the low price and easy purchase of repair parts. However, the hand-operated knapsack sprayer has low working efficiency, high labor intensity, and is not suitable for large-area operations. The medicine is easy to leak out and is not environmentally friendly. Operators using this hand-operated knapsack sprayer may be easily poisoned.

High-pressure automatic knapsack sprayer

The high-pressure automatic sprayer is a kind of knapsack sprayer. Its advantage lies in its high work efficiency, which is equivalent to 3-4 times that of a hand-operated sprayer; its atomization strength is large, and the direct spray range is long, which can reach 7-11 meters; this kind of knapsack sprayer has the lowest maintenance rate in the knapsack sprayer. However, the preparation of the sprayer is more troublesome. It takes 2-3 minutes to press the liquid into the sprayer before use.

Electric sprayer

Electric sprayers are similar to high-pressure automatic sprayers and are another type of knapsack sprayer. The electric sprayer also has high working efficiency, high atomization intensity, and can adapt to large-area operations. However, the maintenance cost of the electric sprayer is relatively high, and the water pump is not easy to repair; the length of its continuous operation is limited by the capacity of the battery.

Motorized sprayer

The motorized sprayer has the best working efficiency and atomization effect among the above four knapsack sprayers. However, the price of the motorized sprayer is high, and the use cost is also high. Each barrel of potion requires a few cents to a dollar of oil. Because it is a mechanical sprayer, it is self-heavy, noisy, and the machine temperature is high, so it is not convenient for the operator to use. In addition, the motorized sprayer needs to be repaired by professionals, and the maintenance cost is high.

According to the form of power, sprayers can be roughly divided into three categories: manual, electric, and motorized. However, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, some new types of sprayers have emerged. For example, the manual sprayer family has a high-pressure self-locking automatic sprayer, and its work efficiency can be compared with the knapsack motorized sprayer; the motorized sprayer family has added: hand-push, vehicle-mounted, stretcher and other highly specialized sprayers have irreplaceable advantages under specific working conditions. When purchasing a knapsack sprayer, choose the one that suits you.

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