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What are the spray methods of the sprayer?

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What are the spray methods of the sprayer?

Is it enough to spray only the front of the blade with an electric sprayer? The answer is no. This is also a common mistake made by many vegetable farmers in spraying medicine, mainly because most vegetable farmers do not know enough about sprayers. It is recommended that vegetable farmers choose a reasonable spraying method according to the different spraying equipment selected. Next, let us introduce the specific spraying methods of the sprayer.

Here is the content list:

l Spray from bottom to top

l Spray diagonally upward

l Spray to the front

Spray from bottom to top

The manual knapsack sprayer and the more commonly used electric sprayer now work on the principle of spraying the liquid medicine from the nozzle into a mist under higher pressure. However, the degree of atomization of the liquid medicine of this type of sprayer is relatively poor, mainly in the form of small droplets, with a large dead weight, and the liquid medicine will fall quickly after being sprayed from the nozzle. If the vegetable farmer sprays the liquid medicine down from the upper part of the plant, it is difficult to spray the liquid medicine on the back of the leaves, and the disease prevention effect is not ideal. Therefore, when using an electric sprayer or a manual sprayer, the spray nozzle of the sprayer should be sprayed upwards and sprayed from bottom to top, so that the liquid will first contact the back of the blades, and the liquid sprayed from between the blades will fall again. To the front of the blade, it is helpful to cover everything when spraying, to enhance the disease prevention effect.

Spray diagonally upward

The mist sprayer is different from the sprayer. It can't spray the medicine against the vegetables but should spray obliquely above the plant. The working principle of the mist disperser is to use high temperature and high pressure to completely atomize the liquid medicine, making it float in the air in the form of mist. In this way, the liquid medicine can be evenly distributed to all parts of the plant to achieve the purpose of preventing and controlling diseases. If the vegetable grower sprays the spray nozzle of the mist dispersing machine directly on the vegetable plants, the high temperature and high-pressure mist sprayed by the mist dispersing machine will seriously damage the plant leaves and reduce their resistance, which will create opportunities for pathogen infection.

Spray to the front

The duster is similar to the sprayer. When encountering continuous cloudy weather, vegetable farmers often use dusters to prevent and control diseases. The pesticides sprayed by dusters are mostly systemic. Even if sprayed on the front of the plant, it can be absorbed by the plant and act on the affected part. Therefore, when the vegetable grower uses the duster, it is necessary to spray the pesticide from the upper part of the plant, and then let it fall on the front of the plant.

All in all, the spraying method is mainly selected according to the spraying equipment.

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