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What are the characteristics of the knapsack sprayer?

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What are the characteristics of the knapsack sprayer?

Spraying medicine is a necessary part of the growth of crops. With the continuous development of science and technology, the means of spraying medicine has also changed from manual knapsack sprayers to the current self-propelled sprayers. These methods of agricultural production seem to be very common, but changing the angle will bring you a different shock. So, what are the characteristics of the knapsack sprayer? Let us introduce it in detail below.


Here is the content list:

  • High efficiency

  • Low cost

  • Wide range of application

  • Lightweight and portable

High efficiency

The use efficiency of the knapsack sprayer can reach 3 to 4 times that of the ordinary hand sprayer. The knapsack sprayer has low labor intensity and can be operated continuously. The droplets of theknapsack sprayer are directly and evenly distributed throughout the field so that the pests can effectively come into contact with the chemical substances. At the same time, the suspended poisonous fog can last for 5-15 minutes in the air, which can achieve full fumigation and continuously remove the air. Chemical substances invade the body of pests and diseases.

Low cost

The knapsack sprayer has few wearing parts and low maintenance rate, and no use cost. Compared with other large sprayers, the cost of the knapsack sprayeris low, which can reduce the cost. The knapsack sprayeruses water as the raw material and working medium, with low operating cost, high water and electricity saving, and various control methods, which can be manually adjusted and controlled by the user.

Wide range of application

Knapsack sprayer can be used for the prevention and control of pests and diseases of apple, cherry, pear, peach, vineyard, and other orchards; prevention and treatment of pests and diseases of forest trees, green belts, gardening, etc.; prevention and treatment of pests and diseases of various crops in greenhouses; cotton, rice, etc. Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of field crops such as wheat and corn; disinfection and sterilization of locusts, plague, sanitation and epidemic prevention, urban sewers, basement shelters, and various warehouses; disinfection and sterilization of livestock breeding places such as pigs, chickens, cattle, and sheep.

Lightweight and portable

The knapsack sprayeris designed according to the body shape and back shape of most people. It can better fit the user's back. Therefore, you will not feel uncomfortable when using the knapsack sprayer. On the contrary, due to its unique design and lightweight, work efficiency can be improved, and its lightweight can also be carried by the user.

Knapsack sprayers are popular because of their high efficiency, low cost, and wide range of use.

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