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How to use the knapsack sprayer

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How to use the knapsack sprayer

The knapsack sprayer is formed to imitate the curve of the rear of the physique. The air chamber and therefore the pump square measure combined into one, and square measure in-built the liquid tank. The knapsack sprayer contains a compact structure, affordable safety and reliability, lightweight weight, labor-saving, and quick pressure rise. it's equipped with a diaphragm pressure switch, that isn't straightforward to leak, and is versatile operating. It may be sprayed unceasingly or sprayed. The knapsack sprayer is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, well-sealed, and contains a long service life. Currently, allow us to introduce a way to use the knapsack sprayer.


Here is that the content list:

  • Install varied components

  • Observe the utilization matters

  • Move the joystick

  • Drain the stagnant water


Install varied components

The knapsack sprayer should initial install the backpack sprayer components properly, install clean water for a take a look at spray before exploiting it, so install the medication. The components of the backpack sprayer embrace plastic feet, medication tank, giant filter, medication tank cowl, strap, hose, air chamber, handle, rocker, rod, suction hose, spray head, spray rod, switch, protection ball, gland, inner base, outer base, base bayonet, etc. It's necessary to check and be at home with the assembly drawing, structure, performance of components, and mutual association of the knapsack sprayer. Confirm its assembly technique and sequence, and prepare the desired assembly tools.


Observe the utilization matters

When exploiting the knapsack sprayer, the pesticides ought to be ready by the operational procedures and strictly abide by the utilization of medicine. Before filling the liquid medication barrel, take care to show off the switch of the knapsack sprayer to stop the liquid medication from being unsuitable. Filling the liquid medication ought to be filtered with a filter, and therefore the liquid level of the liquid medication mustn't exceed the safe water level line.


Move the joystick

Before spraying, move the rocker of the knapsack sprayer over ten times to extend the atmospheric pressure within the barrel to the operating pressure. Don't use excessive force once turning the joystick to avoid the explosion of the air chamber.


Drain the water

After the work is finished, you must pour out the remaining liquid within the knapsack sprayer barrel in time, wash it with clean water, and pour it out. At a similar time, check whether or not there's water within the air chamber of the knapsack sprayer. If there's water, take away the water instrumentation to unharness the water.


The method of exploitation of the knapsack sprayer is roughly similar as higher than. additionally, if the knapsack sprayer isn't used for a brief amount of your time, most components ought to be cleaned, wiped dry, and keep during a cool and dry place. If it's not used for a protracted time, grease all metal components to stop rust.


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