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How to use a manual sprayer?

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How to use a manual sprayer?

This article will explain how to use the manual sprayer from the three steps of installation, wearing, and spraying. It is convenient for customers to better operate and use our manual sprayer.

Here is the content list:

  • How to install a manual sprayer?

  • How to wear the manual sprayer?

  • How to use the manual sprayer to spray?

How to install a manual sprayer

First, unscrew the medical chest lid of the manual sprayer. Please note that the medical chest lid is the largest lid on the manual sprayer. There is no flat-top lid with any additional parts on it. Don't screw the wrong lid, the pressure lid of the air compartment is on the other side. After you unscrew the medical chest lid of the manual sprayer, you can see the filter screen of the medical chest. Take the filter screen of the medical chest away, check the medicine chest of the manual sprayer, which is the main part of the manual sprayer, the container for storing the spray, and check whether there are any impurities in it. After confirming that there are no impurities, cover the filter screen of the medical chest, pour in the spray, and tighten the medical chest lid.

Then, connect the assembled lance to the hose with a screw ring of lance connector, and then assemble the adjustable nozzle cap, adjustable nozzle sealing washer, and adjustable nozzle that came with the manual sprayer and tighten them to the end of the lance. In this way, the manual sprayer is assembled.

How to wear the manual sprayer

First, hang the carrying strap fixed on the manual sprayer on the left shoulder, then take the carrying strap on the other side of the manual sprayer, go around the operator's right shoulder, and then buckle the carrying strap hook to the groove on the right side of the bottom of the manual sprayer. Finally, you can adjust the carrying fixer of the two carrying straps according to your needs. Until the manual sprayer can make the operator's back fully handed, and will not hinder the operator's effective action, the carrying straps of the manual sprayer are adjusted.

How to use the manual sprayer to spray

First hold the rocker bar sleeve of the manual sprayer with one hand, press it down, and then pull it up again, and pressurize the inside of the manual sprayer several times. Then you can hold the handle to spray. The operator can adjust the spraying water pressure by pressing the switch pressure bar on the manual sprayer handle and then adjust the spraying distance and intensity. Due to the scientific design, the grip of the handle is very good, and there is little resistance when pressed. Therefore, if the manual sprayer is used for a long time to spray, the hands will not have a strong sense of fatigue.

If you still have doubts about the use of the product, you can log on to our website at the end of the article to watch the manual sprayer operation video, or ask our customer service staff. We will be very happy to serve you. If you are interested in our products, please consult the official website: Thank you very much for your support.

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