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How to use the pesticide sprayer

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How to use the pesticide sprayer

With the development of high-efficiency pesticides and high-efficiency spray equipment, pesticide application technology is also changing. The main trend is to reduce the amount of spray per unit area. For example, the ground spray gradually reduces from constant spray to low-volume spray and ultra-low-volume spray. The spray volume is greatly reduced, and the spray efficiency has been significantly improved. How to use pesticide sprayers correctly also affects the efficiency of spraying. Now let us introduce in detail the correct use of pesticide sprayers.


Here is the content list:

  • Dispensing method

  • Spray volume and speed


Dispensing method

To facilitate the application of pesticides, many people do not prepare the dilution separately when spraying the herbicide, but directly add the herbicide to the pesticide sprayer, prepare the diluted solution in the sprayer water tank, and spray it directly after preparation.


Therefore, to improve the prevention and treatment effect, the method in the dispensing process must be appropriate. Different formulations of herbicides have different formulation methods. For example, emulsions, liquids, and colloidal suspensions can be prepared by a one-step dilution method, that is, a certain amount of herbicides are directly added to the sprayer for dilution; formulations such as wettable powders, dry suspension emulsions, etc., must be prepared by a two-step dilution method: The first step is to accurately weigh the herbicide according to the requirements, add a small amount of water and stir to make it fully dissolved, which is the mother liquor. The second step is to add a certain amount of mother liquor into quantitative water and dilute it evenly.


To prepare the diluent in the sprayer, you must first add about 10 cm of water to the sprayer container, slowly add the medicine or mother liquor, and then add clean water to the water level, but it cannot be filled up, such as filling the sprayer tank, when the sprayer walks, the liquid medicine in the medicine box is difficult to shake, and the medicine is prone to sink or float, which affects the uniformity of the liquid medicine and affects the weeding effect. Moreover, when the applicator is applying for the medicine, the liquid medicine is also easy to splash from the upper mouth of the container and drip onto the applicator, causing safety hazards.


In addition, because the specific gravity of various herbicides is different from the specific gravity of water, spray them immediately after preparation, and do not stay.


Spray volume and speed

When spraying, the spray nozzle is 0.5~1m away from the top of the crop. In the case of 1~3 wind, the spray hole of the pesticide sprayer should be consistent with the wind direction. The spray rod should be swung every step to ensure uniform droplet density in the effective spray range. The relationship between spray volume and spray speed should be grasped. Generally, the spray volume per mu is 2 to 3 kg, and the walking speed is 1 m/s; the spray volume per mu is 3 to 4 kg, and the walking speed is 0.6 to 0.7 m/sec; The spray volume per mu is 4~5 kg, and the walking speed is 0.4 m/s.


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