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What is the working principle of the battery knapsack sprayer?

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What is the working principle of the battery knapsack sprayer?

Traditional battery knapsack sprayers are mostly manually pressurized. Because of their low price, they have been widely promoted. The disadvantages of this method are that the labor intensity of this method is relatively large and the uniformity of atomization is not good. In recent years, high-power motors or gasoline engines have been used as power sources, high-pressure plunger pumps are used, and the greenhouses are sprayed through tens of meters of multi-layer high-pressure pipes. This method often requires 2 to 4 people to drag at the same time. The high-pressure tube can spray quickly, this is the battery knapsack sprayer. Let us understand what the working principle of the battery knapsack sprayer is.

Here is the content list:

l Main components

l Main structure

l Battery selection

l Base design

l Increase non-slip sponge

l Replace nozzle

Main components

The design of the battery knapsack sprayer includes five parts: battery, pressure pump, base, spray bar, and nozzle. By designing the battery as a new type of lithium battery, the pressure pump becomes a built-in compact structure, which improves the strength of the medical device and greatly simplifies the structure of the base. In addition, the battery knapsack sprayer adds an external pressure port to the handle part of the spray rod, and the nozzle is changed to a combined sealing structure, which has great versatility.

Main structure

The battery knapsack sprayer adopts a compact built-in structure, and the pressure pump is protected by a medicine barrel to avoid impact damage. The pressure pump adopts a cylindrical structure and is directly embedded at the bottom of the medicine barrel, occupying a small space.

The battery knapsack sprayer's medicine barrel adopts a large curved structure. On the one hand, the curved arc surface can have a larger gap with the operator, which improves comfort, and at the same time can increase the mechanical strength of the medicine barrel. Further, optimize and upgrade the sprayer.

Battery selection

The battery of the battery knapsack sprayer is a lithium battery, which weighs about 50g, which is 5% of the weight of a traditional battery. After being charged, the battery is fixed at the bottom by inserting a lock button.

Base design

The design of the battery knapsack sprayer base selects the hollow iron pipe to be bent, which is light in weight and low in cost. By arranging the cylindrical pump and the battery directly below the medicine box, the center of gravity is lowered and the pressure on the back when carrying the sprayer is reduced.

Increase non-slip sponge

The handle of the battery knapsack sprayer improves the operating comfort by adding a non-slip sponge. The quick socket for connecting the pressure gauge is reserved, and the pressure gauge can be connected quickly through the pressure hose as needed. This structure leaves a function expansion interface for the demand for precision spray.

Replace nozzle

The nozzle of the battery knapsack sprayer is easy to replace after the spray bar is improved, and the conical nozzle can be easily connected through the adapter, which can well meet the spray demand of large spray volume.

The development of a battery knapsack sprayer is an important direction in the research of pesticide application equipment. Its technical starting point is low, but the operation is well-targeted. It can solve the problems of spraying pesticides, spraying foliar fertilizer, and spraying water on seedlings in actual production.

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