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What are the advantages of solar knapsack sprayers?

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What are the advantages of solar knapsack sprayers?

The solar knapsack sprayer includes the sprayer body, the liquid inlet, and the cover, the strap interface and the strap, and the spray device. It also includes a base, a solar panel, a battery, a control circuit board, a radio decoder board, a USB decoder board and a DC pump, a water pump, and so on. The solar knapsack sprayer is powered by solar energy, high efficiency, and energy-saving, in line with the concept of energy-saving, low carbon, and environmental protection. It has the advantages of simple structure, high spraying efficiency, convenient manufacturing and use, and strong practicability. Let us introduce in detail what are the advantages of solar knapsack sprayers.

Here is the content list:

l The background produced by the solar knapsack sprayer

l High energy

l Clean and environmentally friendly

The background produced by the solar knapsack sprayer

Knapsack sprayers mainly use knapsack work. The water storage tank and battery filled with water should not be too heavy or too heavy, but the small capacity will increase the spraying time. The electric knapsack sprayer has a short working time after each charge and needs to wait for recharging, which is extremely inconvenient for continuous spraying operations. With the development of the social economy and the development of science and technology, traditional spraying machinery is far from being able to meet the spraying requirements of modern energy-saving and environmental protection. Mankind has a long history of actively using solar energy. From solar water heaters to solar panels, they are all typical cases of mankind's use of solar energy. In the process of solar energy utilization, mankind most hopes that solar energy can be fully and efficiently applied. At present, the conversion efficiency of solar panels does not exceed 30%, and the use of solar water heaters is limited to using solar energy to heat water in the water heater, and cannot provide other functions. How to directly use solar energy, or more directly convert solar energy into mechanical energy, has become a hot technical problem.

High energy

The biggest feature of solar energy is its huge energy. On the earth, there is no energy comparable to solar energy. Solar energy is the radiant energy released by the high-temperature nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun. The solar radiant energy that reaches the earth's surface every year is about 130 trillion tons of standard coal, which is equivalent to 10,000 times the total amount of energy consumed every year in the world. Therefore, the solar knapsack sprayer also has the characteristics of large energy, which can continuously use solar energy for work.

Clean and environmentally friendly

Solar energy does not cause any pollution to the environment and is a green and clean energy source. Therefore, the use of solar energy in solar knapsack sprayers will not pollute the environment. Today, when environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, the use of solar knapsack sprayers should be promoted.

As emerging clean energy, solar energy is a new type of energy that is environmentally friendly, safe, and pollution-free. Therefore, solar knapsack sprayers are also welcomed by people.

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