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What are the advantages of battery sprayers?

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What are the advantages of battery sprayers?

Sprayers are available in pump, electric, and solar. So what are the advantages of battery sprayers? What are the special considerations for using a battery sprayer?

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l What are the advantages of battery sprayers?

l What are the special considerations for using battery sprayer?

What are the advantages of battery sprayers?

In general, the advantages of electric sprayer is due to the elimination of suction suction barrel, thus effectively eliminating the disadvantages of pesticide external filtration to harm the operator, and electric pump pressure than the human manual suction barrel pressure, increasing the spraying distance and range. Specifically, the battery sprayer has the following advantages.

  1. Time-saving, labor-saving, high efficiency: the machine can be installed single nozzle, 2, multiple nozzles, a bucket of water capacity of 16 liters. 8 - 16 minutes can be played (using a single nozzle 14 minutes to play a bucket of water, using a double nozzle 9 minutes to play a bucket of water). Due to the high pressure, it can produce 2 cubic meters of fog mass, fast beating speed, good atomization of the liquid and high efficacy.

  2. Large battery capacity, long working time: charging once, you can hit about 30 barrels of medicine, and then replenish 2-3 hours at noon, you can also hit 10-16 barrels of medicine.

3. Low cost, high efficiency: playing a day of medicine, only spend a few cents or so. Fast and efficient, with 400-800 yuan unit of gasoline engine efficiency close.

4. Small size, light weight, simple operation: volume with the hand sprayer is slightly larger, empty weight 6.0kg or so, just turn on the electric switch to work, close the electric switch to stop working, the operation is very simple.

5. Wide range of use: suitable for wheat, corn, cotton, rice, fruit trees, greenhouse greenhouses, grapes, tea trees, flowers, vegetables, gardening and other crops of insecticide spray, as well as garden flowers and other humidification, spray, as well as hospitals, health epidemic prevention, workshops, public places of disinfection and epidemic prevention, agricultural crops, environmental tree spraying and other aspects of spraying applicable.

What are the special considerations for using battery sprayer?

1. Intermittent charging or preparation of spare batteries. Because the power stored in the battery is used as the power source for spraying chemicals, there will inevitably be battery power loss. Usually, this type of electric sprayer fully charged after the workload of about 15-20 pots, want to ensure that the daily workload to ensure that the battery has sufficient power. Either use the lunch break to recharge, or prepare to replace the spare battery, or is more than one set of electric sprayer.

2. Suitable for herbicide spraying operations. For spraying herbicides, the requirements for the atomization effect are not particularly high, and these types of instruments with relatively poor atomization effect can fully meet the needs of weed control operations. Especially for those who are not suitable for mechanized operation of water fields, stem and leaf spraying weed control using electric sprayer is preferred. Nozzle pressure, weed leaves with a large amount of liquid, more conducive to weed leaves to absorb the herbicide solution.

Battery sprayer has very obvious advantages and is very suitable for production development. In the company's twenty years of sprayer development process, we always ensure that "quality first, customer first" corporate goal, depending on quality as the foundation of the enterprise, depending on the customer as the root of the enterprise, adhere to the production of excellent products, adhere to the development of friendly relations. If you have a need to buy sprayers, please go to our official website: for understanding and consultation. Thank you very much for your support.

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