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What is the working principle of the sprayer?

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What is the working principle of the sprayer?

In rural areas, sprayers are important agricultural tools indispensable for the prevention and control of pests and diseases. The main components of the sprayer are compressed air devices, thin tubes, nozzles, etc. It is a technical tool that uses air suction to turn medicines or other liquids into mist and spray them evenly on other objects. According to the spraying method of the sprayer, the sprayers can be divided into four types. Below we will introduce the working principles of the four sprayers in detail.

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l Bernoulli principle

l The principle of high-speed water flow breaking into small water droplets after hitting obstacles

l The principle of centrifugal force throwing liquid out

l Principle of ultrasonic atomization

Bernoulli principle

Bernoulli's principle is in the same fluid, the flow rate is large, the pressure is small; the flow velocity is small, the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the three-pronged pipe, the low-speed flowing water flows to the high-speed flowing air. The water is torn by the high-speed air into droplets and water column, but then the speed gradually increased and it became drop by drop). These small water droplets become fog after spraying out. Some sprayers use Bernoulli's principle. The sprayer is made using the principle of high flow rate and low pressure. Let the air flow out quickly from the small hole, the pressure near the small hole is small, and the pressure of the air on the liquid surface in the container is strong, and the liquid rises along the thin tube under the small hole. After flowing out from the upper mouth of the thin tube, the impact of the air stream is sprayed into a mist.

The principle of high-speed water flow breaking into small water droplets after hitting obstacles

The principle of this sprayer is to press water into a thin tube to cause a high-speed water flow, which breaks into small water droplets when it hits an obstacle. The situation is like turning on the faucet and blocking it with your fingers. Household sprayers often use this structure, and the cost is low.

The principle of centrifugal force throwing liquid out

This principle is that the high-speed rotating atomization disk uses centrifugal force to throw the liquid out and shred it into small droplets, similar to the situation when an umbrella rotates. Such as gasoline sprayers.

Principle of ultrasonic atomization

Vibration can cause "sprays" on the water surface. The vibration frequency of ultrasonic waves is very high, so the wavelength of its "waves" is very small, so its "sprays"—small water droplets are also very small, and these small water droplets become fog. Some sprayers use this principle.

The most important indicators for choosing a sprayer are the distance of spraying, the flow rate of spraying, and the volume of the medicine tank. The farther the spray distance is, the travel distance of the user during use is reduced, and the use efficiency is greatly improved; the use of a flow head with a moderate flow rate can increase the use efficiency of the sprayer; the volume of the medicine box determines the frequency of charging, and an appropriate volume can also improve the efficiency of the sprayer and reduce the time.

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