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The use of agriculture sprayers

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The use of agriculture sprayers

With the increase of pests, people are increasingly using agriculture sprayers. Therefore, the market prospect of agriculture sprayers is great. Next, let us understand the use of agriculture sprayers. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Best working time.

  • Precautions for use.

Best working time.

When agriculture sprayers are used for operations, they should be applied according to the climate and the day and night activities of pests. It is advisable to apply pesticides at 9-10 am and after 4 pm on sunny days. Because the dew on the crop leaves has dried up after 9 a.m., it is also the peak time for pest activity at sunrise. At this time, pesticide application will not affect the effect of the dew diluting the liquid, and it can make the pests come into contact with the pesticides, increasing the chance of pest poisoning. After 4 p.m., the light is weakened and the temperature is lowered, which can avoid evaporation loss and photolysis failure. When the pests come out to eat at dusk or night, they will cause poisoning and death.

Precautions for use.

First of all, before using the agriculture sprayer, check whether the spray nozzle atomization is normal, whether the medicine tank and switch are leaking, whether the cup is damaged, etc. It can be used only after confirming that all parts are in normal condition, otherwise, it should be overhauled. Secondly, sprayers should wear work clothes, masks, protective glasses, gloves, and work caps before they can start operations. Finally, when working with agriculture sprayers, people should stand upwind, and liquids should not be splashed on hands, faces, and other parts of the body to prevent poisoning.

When using agriculture sprayers, do not use too much force or too much force to avoid damage to the equipment. It is necessary to select various sprinklers correctly for the application and keep a certain distance between the sprinklers and the crops during the application, to avoid the phenomenon of liquid medicine flowing and uneven distribution caused by the close distance. After spraying the pesticide with the agriculture sprayer, the agriculture sprayer should be cleaned immediately according to the requirements of the product instruction manual, especially the sprayer sprayed with the herbicide, it should be carefully cleaned.

When spraying with agriculture sprayers, start from the leeward direction, and the walking route should be separated by a certain distance, which is the spray width. The size of the spray fan should be flexibly controlled according to the size of the wind speed. When the wind speed is small, the spray fan should be appropriately reduced, otherwise, it should be larger. Generally, 3 meters to 3.5 meters is appropriate. The spraying time is best to choose in the morning, afternoon, or cloudy, to avoid the hot sun.

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