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Product guide for agriculture sprayers

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Product guide for agriculture sprayers

An agriculture sprayer is an indispensable tool for agricultural water spraying and pest control, which can bring convenience to people's lives. Next, let us know about the product guide for agriculture sprayers. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Features of the agriculture sprayer.

Packing of the agriculture sprayer.

Repair and maintenance of the agriculture sprayer.

Features of the agriculture sprayer.

Agriculture sprayers provide a series of nozzles for spraying insecticides and herbicides and provide users with different spray patterns. The trigger valve with a lock of the agriculture sprayer can be used for continuous spraying. It is also equipped with an enhanced PVC spray hose and a comfortable and adjustable strap to extend the service life of the agriculture sprayer.

The agriculture sprayer can not only spray out the spray-like fine mist but also adjust the size of the sprayed water droplets. The agriculture sprayer is rich in color and good in material, and it is a necessary gardening product for agriculture and family flowers. The scope of application of agriculture sprayers is very wide. Agriculture sprayers are not only suitable for water spraying and pest control of flowers, bonsai, farmland, and fruit trees, but also sanitation and epidemic prevention, disinfection of hotels, storage, and spraying of various cleaning agents and detergents in rooms and public places.

Packing of the agriculture sprayer.

Our agriculture sprayers products using standard export carton packaging, a box installed a product. If the customer has no special requirements, we will use standard export color carton packaging. We can also provide the required packaging according to the customer's design, or if the order quantity exceeds 800 pieces, we will use the customer's brand to design. If the customer chooses a kraft paper carton, when the quantity exceeds 100 pieces, the customer can also request the packaging according to their design.

Repair and maintenance of the agriculture sprayer.

First of all, after each operation of the agriculture sprayer, the remaining air in the barrel should be discharged, the liquid medicine should be poured out, and the barrel and the pump should be cleaned with water, as well as the hose, spray rod and nozzle. Second, remove and dry the dust, dirt, liquid medicine, and water on the surface of the sprayer. Third, if it is not suitable for agriculture sprayers in the short term, the main parts should be cleaned, wiped dry and installed, and placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place. If the agriculture sprayer is not used for a long time, the spray rod and hose should be removed, and a small amount of lubricating oil should be wiped on each connection part, and then packaged and stored.

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