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How Manual sprayers work

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The use process of the Manual sprayer is through the shaking of the rocker parts so that the leather cup is turned on and off in the pump and the air chamber so that the pressure in the air chamber is gradually increased (up to 0.6Mpa). After the spray rod, the mist is finally sprayed from the nozzle. So what is the working principle of a manual sprayer, let's take a look.

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  • How the Manual sprayer works when used

  • How Manual sprayer works

How the Manual sprayer works when used

When the operator of the Manual sprayer presses the rocker or handle up and down, the stopper rod is reciprocated up and down in the pump barrel through the connecting rod, with a stroke of 40-100 mm. When the plug rod goes up, the cup moves from bottom to top, and the volume of the cavity formed by the cup and the pump cylinder under the cup keeps increasing, forming a partial vacuum. At this time, the liquid medicine in the liquid medicine tank of the Manual sprayer flushes the water inlet valve under the action of the pressure difference between the liquid level and the cavity and enters the pump barrel along the water inlet pipeline to complete the water absorption process. When the stopper rod of the Manual sprayer goes down, the leather cup moves from top to bottom, and the liquid medicine in the pump barrel is squeezed so that the pressure of the liquid medicine suddenly increases. Under the action of this pressure, the water inlet valve is closed, the water outlet valve is pressed open, and the liquid medicine enters the air chamber through the water outlet valve. The air in the air chamber is compressed to generate pressure on the liquid medicine. After the switch is turned on, the liquid medicine enters the nozzle through the spray rod and is atomized and sprayed out.

How Manual sprayer works

In hollow conical mist nozzles, including tangential liquid inlet nozzles or nozzles with water swirl fins, the liquid enters the vortex chamber from the tangential liquid inlet channel or the spiral passages of the swirl slices and the water swirl core, and the liquid occurs rotates. The orifice of the Manual sprayer is on the axis of the vortex chamber so that the sprayed liquid forms a hollow conical film, which is then broken into mist droplets. As for the sprinkler head with a double-slot water swirl core, the liquid enters the vortex chamber tangentially composed of the depression in the center of the front of the swirling core and the sprinkler sheet after passing through the water core through the axial liquid inlet channel on the swirling core. The nozzle of slit nozzle, the end of the cylindrical circulation of the Manual sprayer is hemispherical, and the outside is opened with a V-shaped cut. A liquid film is generated, and the liquid film interacts with the static air medium to form a fan-shaped mist flow.

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