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2 in 1 sprayer buying tips

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2 in 1 sprayer buying tips

In agricultural production, the 2-in-1 sprayer plays an important role. With the development of mechanization and the introduction of the state's subsidy policy for purchasing the 2-in-1 sprayer, the market of the 2-in-1 sprayer is also developing rapidly, and many enterprises have invested in the 2-in-1 sprayer in production. If you buy a poor quality 2-in-1 sprayer, you may lose valuable farming time, so pay attention to choosing a good 2-in-1 sprayer.

Here is the content list:

  • See manufacturer

  • See 2 in-1 sprayer credentials

  • Choose products with an adequate supply of spare parts and good technical services

  • When you buy, you should carefully inspect the goods in person with the seller

  • Ask for the purchase invoice

See manufacturer

When purchasing a 2-in-1 sprayer, you must first understand the main manufacturers and choose a well-known brand with a relatively large enterprise scale and strong R&D capabilities. You can also investigate the farmers who have used this kind of machinery before purchasing, and ask more questions, and then determine the model according to your use and economy.

See 2 in-1 sprayer credentials

To purchase a 2-in-1 sprayer, also check whether the 2-in-1 sprayer has a quality inspection certificate, product promotion license, "three guarantees" maintenance certificate, and other certificates, and check that all certificates are consistent with the product name marked on the mechanical nameplate. The model, main technical parameters, factory serial number, and the name, address, and contact number of the manufacturer are consistent; read the instructions carefully, and carefully check whether the main parts of the machine indicated in the manual are complete, to prevent the seller from cutting corners and sending fewer accessories, resolutely Reject products with a too long date of manufacture, longer storage time or returned products.

Choose products with an adequate supply of spare parts and good technical services

Before purchasing, be sure to go to the local 2-in-1 sprayer company and operators who have experience in using this kind of equipment to inquire about the supply of spare parts and the technical service of the factory. For the welcome models, the supply of spare parts is relatively sufficient, and the technical service of the factory is also relatively good. When purchasing a machine, you should ask the seller about the use, maintenance, and maintenance of the product, ask about the "three guarantees" method and period of the product, and write down the repairer's phone number and address.

When you buy, you should carefully inspect the goods in person with the seller

First, check whether the random documents such as the product certificate, instruction manual, and three-guarantee certificate of the purchased products are complete and whether the documents include the address and telephone number of the manufacturer and repair unit. Second, check whether the random tools, accessories, and spare parts of the purchased product are consistent with the packing list, check the appearance quality of the product, and check whether the parts and components of the 2-in-1 sprayer are complete and damaged. Generally speaking, the appearance quality of a 2-in-1 sprayer reflects its inner quality to some extent. Before purchasing machinery, pay attention to observing whether the product has signs of bumping, damage, peeling, and renovation; whether the welding gap of each welding part is smooth and firm, whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, and air leakage; whether the gap of each part is consistent, casting parts. Whether there are defects such as cracks and stomata, whether there are protective measures for each transmission part, etc. The third is to carry out the test run of the machine (vehicle) and eliminate or replace the product in time if any quality problems are found.

Ask for the purchase invoice

Be sure to ask the seller for an official invoice supervised by the tax department. The invoice must have a tax stamp and a financial stamp, and write the time of purchase, the product name, quantity, specification, model, price, etc. of the 2-in-1 sprayer. Do not refuse invoices, or save or receive personal signatures or receipts because they are not reimbursed. It is an important basis for resolving quality disputes in the future.

To sum up, you must pay attention to these points when buying a 2-in-1 sprayer. In addition, you can continue to supplement the losses you have been fooled, with and alert others. Our official website is If you work with the 2-in-1 sprayer or want to know more about our company, you can communicate with us on the website. Our cost-effective products are well received by everyone.

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