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Canton Fair ,Global Share

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     On 14th,October, 130th Canton Fair opened. As we all known, 127th – 129th Canton Fair held online , so it is the first time that Canton Fair is held in a way of online and offine intergration.

     After more than 500 days and nights, the offline exhibition of the Canton Fair finally opened. It is the largest offline exhibition in the world that was the first to resume due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here is the content list:

  • Canton Fair Introduction

  • Agricultural Sprayer Exhibition Gallery Location

  • Live Photos of Canton Fair


Canton Fair Introduction

China import and export commodities fair, also knownas Canton fair, is founded in the spring of 1957. It is held twice in spring and autumn in Guangzhou City. It is the best comprehensive international trade event in China,with longest-history, highest level ,largest scale, most completed-commodity. 

It is known to all customers from all over the world.



Agricultural Sprayer Exhibition Gallery Location

Agricultural sprayer and hardware products are displayed in 8.0 ,8.1 , 6.1,7.1. We, Farmguard Sprayers, are participating the 130th Canton Fair at booth number 8.0E09. We are ready for your coming.



Live Photos of Canton Fair

Some customer may wonder that due to the covid 19, will it have any vistors to come to the Fair? The answer is absolutely “yes”. 

Take our FARMGUARD sprayer booth for example, there are many customers from different countries visiting our booth,Ukraine,South Korea, Nigeria, Egypt and so on. 

Below are the live photos for your reference.

farmguard sprayer Canton Fair Live Photo

Here are some lithium battery sprayer with KC certificate models which sell well in South Korea:

battery kc certificate sprayer



Here are some battery garden sprayers models which sell well in Europe countries like Ukraine,Albania,Hungry and so on.

CE certificate can be provided.




Here are some manual knapsack sprayers models which sell well in Africa countries like Nigeria, we can provide the SONCAP certficiate to you:


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